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Campus Life

Other institutions

  • Labor Union Labor Union 교직원소개

    Baekyang NE 312 02) 2123-3636

    • Trade union activities
  • Faculty Senate Faculty Senate of Yonsei University 교직원소개

    Baekyang Hall S105

    • Discovering the collective opinion of the faculty on university governance and scholastic policy.
    • Reviewing all policies and formulating recommendations with respect to the general welfare of the university.
    • Managing the election process of the University President.
    • Engaging faculty, staff and students in the discussion of all important collegiate issues.
    • Serving in an advisory capacity to the university community and administration.
  • Yonsei University Co-op Goods Yonsei University Co-op Goods 교직원소개

    Child Development Research Institute 02) 2123-3480~2

    • Purchase and supply of necessary goods for members
    • Improvement of members' lives and welfare projects
    • Educational projects and research activities related to the co-op members
    • Projects for healthy living culture and consumption culture
    • Natural environment protection and resource recycling-related businesses
    • Projects to realize the ideals and purposes of the other co-ops