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About Yonsei


Organization Organization


  • Professors Association
  • Faculty Committee
    • Institute for Convergence Research and Education in Advanced Technology
    • Yonsei-IBS Institute
    • Institute for Higher Education Innovation
    • Ethics and Human Rights Committee
    • Institute for Global Engagement and Empowerment
    • Office of University Development Strategies
    • Provost
    • Senior Vice President for Administration and Development
    • Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs
    • Chancellor of Mirae Campus
    • Senior Vice President of International Campus
    • Senior Vice President for Research Affairs


Review Board

  • Head: President
    • International Campus Promotion Committee
    • Vision Execution Committee
    • Faculty HR Advisory Committee
    • Construction Planning Committee
    • Graduate School Committee
    • Samae Commemoration Committee
    • Underwood Commemoration Committee
    • Yun Dong-Ju Commemoration Committee
    • Yong Jae Award Management Committee
    • Construction Projects Commissioning Review Committee
    • Lee Han Yeol pro-democracy movement commemoration committee
  • Head: Provost
    • Regulations Review Committee
    • Faculty HR Committee
    • Endowed Professor Management Committee
    • Faculty Reward Committee
    • Faculty Study-year Management Committee
    • Faculty Incentive Management Committee
    • Distinguished Professor Candidates Recommendation Committee
    • Liberal Arts Education Committee
    • Research & Industrial-Education Cooperation General Committee
    • International Relations Management Committee

Administrative Offices

  • Office of the Chaplain Office of Academic Affairs
  • Office of Admissions Office of Student Affairs and Services
  • Office of International Affairs  

Graduate Schools

  • Yonsei University Graduate School Graduate School of Theology Graduate School of Business Graduate School of International Studies Graduate School of Information  
  • Graduate School of Communication & Arts Graduate School of Social Welfare Law School Graduate School of Education Graduate School of Public Administration Graduate School of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication Law School Graduate School of Human Environmental Sciences Graduate School of Economics    


Auxiliary Facilities

  • University Church University Newspaper and Broadcasting System
  • University Press Athletics Committee
  • Kim Dae-jung Presidential Library and Museum Samae Church

Auxiliary Educational Facilities

  • Institute of Language Research and Education
  • Child Development Research Institute
  • Institute of Continuing Education For The Future

Facilities Attached to Colleges/Graduate Schools

  • Graduate School of Business Affliated Sangnam Institute of Management Graduate School of Social Welfare Affiliated Volunteer Service Center
  • Graduate School of Media affiliated Video Arts Center United Graduate School of Theology affiliated Center for counseling and coaching services
  • College of Sciences in Education affiliated Institute for Sports Training and Research College of Human Ecology Affiliated Allen Hall

Other Facilities

  • Institute of Science Education for the Gifted and Talented